worship and music

Trinity uses a blended liturgy of traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, and new multicultural music. We experience all this within in the context of Lutheran liturgy. Bible readings come from a multitude of translations, including the contemporary “Message.” We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday and on holidays and festivals. We rotate 4 different liturgies on a seasonal basis. Opportunities abound for participation in the worship service: readers, ushers, greeters, assisting ministers and musicians all to minister to each other!

God is present for all seasons! Talented fabric artists have created banners and other visuals for the sanctuary. Trinity has a beautiful piano and pipe organ for worship, while drums and guitar are an added bonus for selected services. We are blessed with a multitude of talented musicians and artists and our choir has members from ages 15-82, many of whom also sing in school or other volunteer groups. 

View a choir performance HERE! 

Children who study an instrument are encouraged to share their talents at various services throughout the year. We have two octaves of hand bells available.

Come join us…. Be a part of worshiping our Risen Lord here at Trinity! Altar flowers A flower chart is posted next to the church office door. Weekly bouquets are $25.00. Please remember to pay for the flowers you want on the altar. They can't be ordered unless payment has been received. If you are providing the flowers yourself, please let the office know the details so they can be correctly noted in the bulletin.

Contact our Music Director, Judy Fesko, HERE