Getting Involved

  • Worship and Music

    Trinity uses a blended liturgy of traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, and new multicultural music. We experience all this within in the context of Lutheran liturgy. Bible readings come from a multitude of translations, including the contemporary “Message.” We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday and on holidays and festivals. We rotate 4 different liturgies on a seasonal basis. Opportunities abound for participation in the worship service: readers, ushers, greeters, assisting ministers and musicians all to minister to each other!

    For more information, contact our Pastor Sara Cogsil HERE,

    or Judy Fesko, Music Director, HERE

  • Christian Education

    Martin Luther once asked, “What do we older folks live for if not for the care of the young, to teach and train them?” The importance Luther placed on education has remained a hallmark of the Lutheran church for centuries, and is truly part of our calling.


    For information on Trinity Lakewood's education programs, please contact Haylee Schwenk HERE

  • Trinity Book Group

    Trinity's Book Group is currently reading Dear Church, by Lenny Duncan. We gathered together to discuss the book in November, but only got through the first half of the book. We will meet again in January to delve further. If you haven't read the book and would like to join in the next discussion, the Lakewood Public Library has 1 copy and the Cleveland Public Library system has access to 6 copies. Time, date, and location for discussion is yet to be determined (check our calendar as well, here).

    We will be continuing this conversation in four sessions, Monday’s, February 10th, March 16th, and April 20th. Each meeting will take place at the Stadler’s home, starting at 6:30 pm. There is still time to read the book and join in on this important discussion. 

  • Fellowship

    We're always on the look-out for ways to spend time together in addition to being in worship, whether it's working in the Community Garden, cooking in the kitchen, cleaning up the flower beds, making name it!


    Contact Cathy Aldrich HERE, if you're interested in more Trinity Fellowship activities!

  • Bad Girls of the Bible

    The Bad Girls of the Bible: “The BG’s”


    Trinity’s women gather for fellowship and spiritual growth as the BG’s. The book, Bad Girls of the Bible, was used as the basis for a weekend retreat several years ago. That retreat was so joyous that we just didn’t want it to end with the weekend. So, we named ourselves BG’s and ever since have gathered together monthly to renew our ties to God, and one another.


    Part social, part service, part study, a place to speak and to listen - we do activities which range from movie nights, to dinner out, yoga classes at church, sponsorship of families at Christmas, listening, crying, laughing – all parts of living with each other as we walk and grow on our faith journey.


    All women of the church are invited – 18 to 82 year olds have joined in the fun and fellowship. We have fall retreats every year too! For more information, contact Judy Fesko HERE